May 22, 2023

CPR + AED Course

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Did you know, heart attack is the most common cause of sudden cardiac arrest in Singapore? Also, among 3,000 cardiac arrest cases in Singapore every year, only 3% survive? That’s not all – many of these heart attacks happen outside of the hospital, such as at home or at the workplace.

Learn how you can respond to and deal with these emergencies – and help to save lives. Sign up for our CPR + AED course today.

This course aims to equip participants with the skills necessary to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and utilise an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), when necessary. Numerous studies have demonstrated that using the AED and conducting CPR in a timely manner can increase the casualty’s likelihood of survival.

This CPR + AED Course, specifically developed for participants with no medical training or knowledge, is presented in just 4 hours. It enables you to efficiently perform CPR as well as apply and operate the AED during cardiac arrest scenarios. The programme follows the standards and procedures outlined by the Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council (SRFAC).

Duration: – 4 hours (Classroom)

Course Fee: S$80

Who is this for?

For anyone who wants to learn how to perform CPR and use an AED.

Certification: On successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded with certification. It is valid for 2 years from date of completion of the course. Certification is accredited by SRFAC and First Aid Council and will be emailed to participants in the form of an e-certificate.

Course Content

The training syllabus and assessment guidelines are designed to meet the standards set by SRFAC.

  • Introduction to CPR and the AED
  • Heart Attack – risk factors, mechanism, causes
  • Chain of survival
  • Adult CPR + AED – preparation, procedure and post-incident

Course Features:

  • Convenient Location – NUFFIELD ACADEMY is a 5-min walk from MacPherson MRT station.
  • Practice with Real-Life Scenarios – Combining classroom instructions with real-world applications boost participant performance significantly.
  • Feedback-Based Improvements – We genuinely take all feedback seriously to improve our learning environment for you.
  • Accredited – The course is developed and conducted in accordance with the guidelines set by SRFAC.
  • High Quality Equipment Usage – NUFFIELD ACADEMY uses Prestan (from US), Brayden (from Korea) and Ambu (from Denmark) QCPR manikins that are unique and have advanced features to give you best learning experience.


Course Comparison                    CPR + AED          BCLS + AED
Course Duration           4-hours (fully in-person) 7-hours (fully in-person)
Recommended For Anyone keen to learn CPR + AED Healthcare Professionals & Anyone keen on learning in-depth Adult, Children and Infant resuscitation
Adult CPR                           ✔️                  ✔️
Use of AED                            ✔️                   ✔️
Child CPR                             ❌                   ✔️
Infant CPR                            ❌                   ✔️
Adult/Child FBAO* (Conscious/Unconscious)                            ❌                    ✔️
Infant FBAO* (Conscious/Unconscious)                            ❌                    ✔️

FBAO* = Foreign Body Airway Obstruction

Course Objectives

Upon completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identity signs and symptoms of cardiac arrests and heart attacks.
  • Perform adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  • Use the AED.
Course Requirements
  • Able to speak, read and understand English
  • No medical conditions (specifically heart and/or lung) or physical disabilities/injuries that would prevent the participant from performing CPR

Declaration of Medical Conditions if any

Participants must perform 2 minutes of nonstop chest compressions as part of course assessment requirements, which can be physically demanding.

It is advised to refrain from participating in this course if you:

  • Have medical ailments such as back pain, knee, joint, or spinal injuries, heart problems, high blood pressure, fainting spells, other physical conditions, other medical disabilities, or if serious diseases are present or have ever been a source of discomfort; or
  • Are pregnant.

If you decide to continue with the course in spite of prevailing medical conditions, please obtain your doctor’s approval and provide us with a doctor’s letter stating your clearance to participate. Failure to be assessed and subsequently pass the practical component will cause you to fail the course. You will not be certified in CPR + AED; you will only be issued with a certificate of attendance.


Theory Assessment

  • Participants must complete a test with 10 multiple-choice questions and score at least 80% to successfully pass the course.
  • If participants fail the practical assessment, they will be given up to 2 additional attempts to pass.

Practical Assessment

  • Participants will need to demonstrate competency in performing CPR and usage of an AED safely.
  • If participants fail the practical assessment, they will be given up to 2 additional attempts to pass.


Email: info@nuffieldacademy.com.sg | Call / WhatsApp +65 9189 4217

Course Curriculum
$ 80.00
Durations: 24 hours
Lectures: 0
Students: Max 8
Level: All Levels
Language: English
Certificate: Yes


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