November 8, 2023

Basic Mandarin Training for Healthcare Workers

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Overview :-
The objective of this course is to provide healthcare workers with a foundation in basic Mandarin language skills to enhance their ability to communicate effectively with Mandarin-speaking patients.
Duration:- 4 hours

Objective:- The objective of this course is to provide healthcare workers with a foundation in basic Mandarin language skills to enhance their ability to communicate effectively with Mandarin-speaking patients. By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Greet and introduce themselves in Mandarin.
  2. Use basic medical terminology and vocabulary.
  3. Communicate common symptoms, conditions, and instructions.
  4. Engage in basic conversations with Mandarin-speaking patients.
  5. Understand cultural considerations when interacting with Mandarin-speaking patients.

Note :- To sign up for the course, make a bank transfer to the following account, enrol online at this page, or call +65 9189 4217 or Paynow at UEN: 202102858M. If you do a Paynow transfer, remember to send the fund transfer transaction screenshot/receipt via WhatsApp to +65 9189 4217 https://wa.me/6591894217 or email it to info@nuffieldacademy.com.sg

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More Information
Course Structure:
  1. Introduction (15 minutes)
    • Welcome and course overview.
    • Importance of Mandarin in healthcare settings.
    • Setting expectations and objectives.
  2. Mandarin Basics (30 minutes)
    • Introduction to Pinyin system.
    • Tones and their significance in Mandarin.
    • Basic greetings and phrases.
  3. Medical Terminology and Vocabulary (60 minutes)
    • Common medical terms and their Mandarin equivalents.
    • Anatomy and body parts in Mandarin.
    • Symptoms, conditions, and medications in Mandarin.
  4. Communication Skills (60 minutes)
    • Effective communication techniques in healthcare.
    • Active listening and clarifying techniques.
    • Expressing empathy and understanding.
    • Cultural sensitivity in communication.
  5. Role-Play Scenarios (60 minutes)
    • Interactive role-play exercises focusing on doctor-patient, nurse-patient, and receptionist-patient interactions.
    • Practice using Mandarin phrases and vocabulary in realistic healthcare scenarios.
  6. Cultural Considerations in Healthcare (30 minutes)
    • Understanding Chinese cultural beliefs and practices related to healthcare.
    • Cultural etiquette and building trust with Mandarin-speaking patients.
  7. Review and Q&A Session (15 minutes)
    • Recap of key learning points.
    • Addressing participant questions and concerns.
  8. Resources for Further Learning (15 minutes)
    • Recommended online courses, apps, and language exchange programs.
    • Suggested books and references for continuous learning
$Β 150.00

Hear What Others Say About Our Course

Puji Styles
Puji Styles
I have attended a dental assisting program with Dr Jayesh. He do very good explaining and patience. I m glad that now i have more idea about dental assisting,how to do assist properly and safely,know more about the treatments procedure. Thank you so much for Dr Jayesh. I appreciate itπŸ™πŸ½
Phanet YOU
Phanet YOU
A very helpful life support course every one should have it.
Kit Mun Ngow
Kit Mun Ngow
Attended the Dental Assistant basic course and it very helpful for me. The tutorial is very helpful and friendly. Very satisfying.
meiling kou
meiling kou
Good class πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Chea Sok Iev
Chea Sok Iev
I have attended a class called Standard First Aid course. As a general dentist, i think it is a really important knowledge to have and able to implement it in daily situations as well as in dental office. I would totally recommend that to all dentists around the world.
Jevithaa Prem
Jevithaa Prem
Attended the course on BCLS and AED today.Dr Jayesh is very detailed and share lots of new updates. Learned alot of things through this session. Session is fully understandable with alot of practicals too.
David Bako
David Bako
Excellent class. Thorough and concise course. Instructor Dr Jayesh conduct the class with easy to understand methods by explaining the rationale of each steps and also tips on memorising.
Mardiana Shah
Mardiana Shah
I had a great time during training! I find Dr Jay teaching style to be a great fit, as he is very professional and takes the class seriously, while being easygoing and good-natured.
Vyas Prasad
Vyas Prasad
Fantastic training by Dr Jayesh. Thank you for your excellent teaching and clear explanation.
Went for BCLS + AED course with Dr Jayesh, it was a very informative and an enjoyable session, highly recommend!