May 16, 2023

Effective Negotiation Skills

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This is a fun and dynamic workshop that will equip you with a set of effective tools, techniques and templates on negotiation. Winning in negotiation is about creating the win-win climate, exploring the possibilities and agreeing on the best possible outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, the learners should be able to:

  • Plan and prepare alternatives and outcomes for both parties in negotiations to support negotiation objectives.
  • Open the negotiation effectively
  • Apply communication and conflict resolution techniques to achieve desired negotiation outcomes.
  • Finalise negotiation and take necessary follow-up actions to close negotiation.
  • Monitor and evaluate negotiation outcomes against objectives in accordance with organisational procedures.
Workshop Content
  1. Module : Introduction to Negotiation
  2. Module : Preparation: a) Power b) Roles c) Organisational Objectives d) Market Conditions e) Interdependence f) Strategy g) Early Records
  3. Module : Opening
  4. Module : Communication and Conflict resolution techniques
  5. Module : Bargaining
  6. Module : Finalising

It’s a ZOO Out There” Negotiation Game:

Experience the heat of negotiation as the participants compete to negotiate the best deals for their organizations, putting all the negotiation techniques they have learnt into the practical fun game. Played two rounds, this game simulates the dynamics of a market condition in the midst of transactional negotiation.

Workshop Methodology

This highly interactive workshop will be conducted with a good blend of instruction, discussions, case studies and simulation games. Participants will enjoy the fun yet realistic negotiation practices with their fellow participants during the “It’s a ZOO out there” game.

Workshop Duration: 2 Days


Minimum qualification: O level in English or equivalent. This course is designed for anyone who needs to negotiate as a major part of their job: entrepreneurs, businessmen, salespersons, managers, supervisors, team leaders, purchasers. For individuals interested in personal effectiveness & career development

Workshop Fee
Full Fee S$750
Self-sponsored Singaporean ≤ 40yrs $375
Self-sponsored Singaporean ≥ 40yrs $225
SME sponsored Singaporean or PR $225
Non-SME Sponsored Singaporean ≤ 40yrs $375
Course Curriculum
$ 750.00
Lectures: 0
Students: Max 0
Level: Intermediate
Language: English
Certificate: Yes